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Books About History

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As this list has grown, we've had to categorize it.  As it continues to grow, expect more categories and expect the links below to lead you to other pages

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Lies Across America 1999 James W Loewen ISBN:0684870673 (paper)
Somewhat scattershot, the book careens from place to place across the country, locating markers, booklets, signs, and omissions from the history presented to the public. Reading this book will lead you to bring a questioning mind to your next encounter with "official" history.

Last Stand!:  Famous Battles Against the Odds 1991 Bryan Perrett ISBN:0853689970 (hardbound), 1854091883 (paper)  British military author Perrett covers the world in this description of 13 battles against the odds.  Battles include the Alamo, The Little Big Horn and, Wake Island.  See Perret's other book on the same subject, Against All Odds 1995.  ISBN:1854092499.  The only battles on American soil are  Antietam and the 1867 fighting surrounding the "Fetterman Massacre", but several other engagements from WWI, WWII and Korea feature US troops.

The Future of History Howard Zinn
The "peoples historian" looks at how social change happens and how it gets reported in the history books

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