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The Grand Incendiary 1973 Paul Lewis
Samuel Adams was a black sheep of the famous Adams family who came into his own as a propagandist and organizer in the years leading to the American Revolution.  Not as well known now as other Patriot leaders, Adams was a primary mover of the times.

Traitorous Hero The Life and Fortunes of Benedict Arnold 1954, reprinted 1970  Willard M Wallace
You'll see several more Arnold bio's as this list takes shape.  Ever since reading some of Kenneth Robert's novels (there will also be more on him coming), the story of how the man who had one of the best military minds and was most likely the best battlefield leader of the Revolutionary War came to betray those he had fought so hard for has been a source of deep fascination.

Darrow A Biography 1979 Kevin Tierney ISBN:0690014082
Although he is best known today for the Scopes trial immortalized in the various film versions of Inherit the Wind, Darrow was involved in many of the causes and trials on the front pages of the newspapers of the day. 

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Benedict Arnold Patriot and Traitor 1990 Willard Sterne Randall ISBN:0688109683
Ignore your best fighting general when it comes to handing out promotions, give others credit and promotion for his victories, don't pay him and challenge the money he has spent (mostly from his own pocket), and see what happens. The most recent major Arnold bio.

Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years Carl Sandburg
A classic.  Most of what most people know about Lincoln's early life comes from this book and the movies, plays and other books that rely on it.


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