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Picture the Past series. Heinemann Library.
A new series for younger children, the books in this "Life in a-" or "Life on a'"  series contain one or more large pictures or photos on each page and simple text and sidebars explaining everyday life in various locales around the country.  Books in the series include Southern Plantation, America's First Cities, Colonial Town, Hopi Village, Pioneer Homestead, Oregon Trail
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The Revolutionary War 2000 January, Brendan ISBN:0516271962 (paper)
One of a series called "True Books" from Children's Press, this book features extremely large type.  The words are not for beginning readers, and color pictures of paintings and drawings from various archives appear on every second or third page.  The book includes both a bibliography and a web guide. Other books in the series include Colonial Life, Explorers of North America, The Thirteen Colonies.

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The Statue of Liberty 1994 Sorensen, Lydia ISBN:1559160462
Part of a series, for younger children.  Lots of full-page photos of Lady Liberty. Part of the Discovery Library of "American Symbols" from Rourke Book Company.  Other books include The Alamo, The American Eagle, The American Flag, Mount Rushmore, The White House

Valley Forge 1999 Cooper, Jason  ISBN:0865935475
Similar to the American Symbols books (above), this book features even fewer words and more full- or nearly-full page pictures, many with re-enactors in costume.  This is another branch of the Discovery Library called "American Landmarks" and it features Gettysburg, Historic Boston, Mount Vernon, U S Treasury, Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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The Alamo 2001 Burgan, Michael  ISBN:0756500974
A chapter book for somewhat older kids, prepared with the help of academics, it tells much of the background of the Texian Revolution that led to the Alamo and what happened afterward. The back of the book holds a timeline and one-line biographies of the chief participants, with a brief bibliography and web guide.   Part of a series from Compass Point Books called "We the People" that includes The Battle of Gettysburg, The Boston Tea Party, The California Gold Rush, The Declaration of Independence, Great Women of the Old West, The Jamestown Colony, The Lewis and Clark Expedition, The Oregon trail, The Plymouth Colony, The Santa Fe Trail, The Statue of Liberty, The Trail of Tears, The Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman 2000 Rau, Dana Meachen ISBN:075650015X find it at Powells
Biography of the famous "conductor" on the Underground Railroad.  Part of another Compass Point Books series (this one seems to be aimed at a couple-of-years-younger age group than the "We the People" series) called "Early Biographies." Others in the series include Abraham Lincoln, Charles Lindbergh, Jackie Robinson, and Marie Curie 

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Archaeology Usborne
It is almost impossible to go wrong with a title from Usborne. 

Archaeology Oxford University Press
For older students or adults.  Good photos of digs, maps, timeline. They have it at Powells

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Explorers: From Columbus to Armstrong Usborne
The title pretty much says it all.  From about 4th grade up.

Pirates Kalman, Bobbie and Nickles, Greg
Photos of pirate festivals, lost of illustrations, ships, maps, and people 

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The Usborne Book of World History
Typically entertaining Usborne fare.

Big Book of American Heroes: A Young Person's Guide  Mike Janulewicz and Richard Widdows
Large size, large pictures, each person with his or her own page. New or Used from Powells

American Heroes Morrie Greenburg
Biographies of 15 American -- not all of them well known.  For middle grades.

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American Adventures: True Stories from America's Past Morrie Greenburg (2 vols)
Stories of life and unusual events in the nation's past.

Colonial Kids Laurie Carlson
Projects and hands on activities to hook kids on early American history.

Two Little Savages  Ernest Thompson Seton
Two boys at the turn of the century who learn how to make Indian clothing and implements, as well as camping and forest lore.

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Johnny Tremain  Esther Forbes
A classic about an apprentice in Boston at the beginning of the Revolution.  For middle grades, boys especially.

Black Heroes of the American Revolution  Burke Davis
Featuring those who participated as soldiers, sailors, spies, guides, and even wagon drivers.

Calico Bush  Rachel Field
Novel of an young French indentured servant in the 1740s.

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Caddie Woodlawn Carol Ryrie Brink
Life on the Wisconsin frontier in the 1860's through the eyes of a child.  Award winner.

The Civil War for Kids  Janis Herbert
Hands-on activities interspersed with information about events leading to the war and the war itself.

Grace's Letter to Lincoln Peter and Connie Roop
Novelized story of the girl whose letter inspired Lincoln to grow a beard.

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Children of Strangers Lyle Saxon
Race relations on a Louisiana plantation in the early 20th century.  Fictional account, for older children.

Us and Them  Jim Carnes
Case studies of 14 incidents of racial intolerance in America's history.

The Spirit That Moves Us  Laura Petovello (vol 1 K-4), Rachel Quenk (vol 2 Gr 5-8)
Guides to study of the holocaust, mostly using literature, and placing it in the contexts of society and human rights.

Portrait of America series.  One book for each state
History, geography, culture.  Middle grades



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