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Plimoth Plantation

. Description:  Recreated settlement of the early years.  Costumed interpreters adopt persona of actual members of the colony, and will admit knowing only what they knew.  Also Wampanoag Homesite, and Mayflower II
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How to find: 
137 Warren Ave
Plymouth, MA 02360

Parent Organization:
Plimouth Plantation
Phone 508 746-1622
fax 508 746-4978 
Dates 2007 Mar 24-Nov 25 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
English Village, Wampanoag Homesite, Nye Barn 9:30- 5 9:30- 5 9:30- 5 9:30- 5 9:30- 5 9:30- 5 9:30- 5
Visitor Center 9- 5:30 9- 5:30 9- 5:30 9- 5:30 9- 5:30 9- 5:30 9- 5:30
Mayflower II  (in Plymouth, 3 miles) 9 - 5 9 - 5 9 - 5 9 - 5 9 - 5 9 - 5 9 - 5
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
As of JUL 2007





Combination (2 days, both locations)  6-12  $15    $25  62+ with ID $22  15+ with reservations
Multiple options, call
Plimouth Plantation Only  6-12 $12    $21  $19
Mayflower II only  6-12  $6    $8  $7
Special Fees: On-line ticketing available, Plimoth Pass (family) $90 (see web site for conditions)
Additional Group Info:  508 746-1622 ext 8358 or 8367
Special Tours & Pricing:
Reservation Contact:
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On Site Features:
What kind of visit you can have:  The Mayflower II is in Plymouth, not on the site of the Plantation.  At the Plantation, enter through the Visitor Center, then walk to the Plantation and the Wampanoag Homesite.  The Plantation is populated with costumed interpreters portraying people who lived there in 1627, carrying out daily activities.  They will admit no knowledge of anything that happened after their time. The Wampanoag site houses a family that lived across the stream from the Pilgrims.  There is also a craft center creating reproductions.
Big Events: Suggested Stay:  3 hours for 
Period 1627 Type of Site  Village
Buildings:  Recreated Plimouth Plantation with stockade, houses, gardens, Native American dwelling and fields.
Interpreters: costumed, with adopted character of 1627 resident Craftspeople: in craft center.  Joinery, pottery, shoemaking
Special Programs:
Kid Friendly:
On Site Amenities:
Eating Name/Capacity Hours Type of food
Shopping Shop Merchandise Hours

Main Museum
Craft Center
Children's Museum
Mayflower II
Book Shop
Horticulture Museum

Gifts, reproduction pottery, leather goods, glassware, pewter, furnishings, clothing, craft items & kits, video tapes

All shops 9-4 through Dec 24



Availability Contact
Athletic Facilities      
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Nearby Attractions:
towns:  10 mi  Kingston, South Duxbury, Duxbury, Carver, Green Harbor





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Mayflower Society Museum      
Plymouth Antiquarian Society      
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Pilgrim Hall Museum  Museum      
Outdoor Recreation  
Plymouth Memorial SP
Myles Standish Monument State Reserve

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