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Who we are Affiliated With (How we make money)

Step Into History's income is based on Affiliate relationships with companies that sell goods and services using the Internet.

For those unfamiliar with this term, it means that when you click on a link to purchase something at Step Into History, you are taken to the web site of a company we have affiliated with.  If you buy goods (e.g., books) or services (e.g. room or travel reservations) through that company, we get a fee for sending you there.  In a few cases, we get paid a (usually very small) fee just because you looked at what they have to offer.

Please patronize the companies we have affiliated with.

If you go back to one of them after you've left our site, or a couple of days later, and if you remember you saw them here first, we would appreciate it if you came back to us and then clicked through. This will identify you as our visitor and enable us to continue providing this site for you.

Our affiliates include well-known names such as Amazon,  A&E networks and Discovery Channel, as well as lesser known but fine merchants such as the Monticello Collection and Motorbooks.

We know one size does not fit everyone, so in most areas we offer a choice of vendor, so you can shop where you are most comfortable.

If you have problems with a company we are affiliated with, please let them know, and don't hesitate to E-Mail Step Into History so we can help resolve the issue, if possible. We cannot govern the practices of the merchants, but can let them know when our customers are unhappy, and why.

Let us know if there are additional companies or services you would like to see on our site.
Privacy: Please see our privacy statement for more information, but be aware that our affiliates will use cookies. Cookies help merchants keep track of what you have looked at on their site and also retain knowledge about who you are so you do not have to keep re-entering the same information over and over.