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Bob Spouts Off -- Rants, Raves, and Maybe a Little Clarification

July 17, 2001

For those brave few who have found us, I told you this would be a sporadic column.

Now that the site is 2 months old, it is a little easier to accept some of the practices on the web.  Updating sites is hard, and for those who aren't trying to do it full time, it can slip.

That's why it is important to get it right the first time.  

I just looked at a site that has both a QuickTime and a Flash intro.  It took forever to get the several pages down in the navigation scheme to where the useful information on hours, prices, etc., was located.

And the number of sites that don't bother to tell you dates, hours, and prices continues to astonish me.  It also makes me more confident than ever that Step Into History has a valid purpose to serve.

Another thing that continues to amaze me is the incredibly detailed driving instructions provided at so many web sites, including many of those that don't provide the basics mentioned above.  Anyone with web access and a correct street address can get driving directions for almost anywhere.  One thing we've tried to provide on this site is street addresses, instead of mailing addresses to PO boxes.  

One last comment for this month, a kudo and a tip:  Since last fall, the National Park Service has added a little button on the home pages for each of their properties for a Printable Travel Guide.  This collects pretty much all the information scattered throughout the facilities, fees, and travel pages into one standardized format that usually prints out in 2 to 3 pages.  Use it.  They've got an incredibly complicated task in managing a huge variety of properties and activities, and they are really trying to get it right.  This is definitely right.

Let me know  what you think of our site..

Bob Riley

See the first rant May 2001 for background on how this site came to be and who we are.


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