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Welcome to our MiniMall.  At Step Into History our passion is research.  But to survive, we also need income.  So we've affiliated with some of the top merchants selling online.  When you click through from our site and purchase from one of these merchants, we get a small commission.  That lets us survive to provide the information we gather for you.

We'll tell you a bit about our merchants and why we chose them.  One Size does not fit all, so we tried to give you choices in each category.  When the option was available to us, we've included a search box right on our page

These are our TRAVEL merchants
for more great stores with books, hobbies, music, gifts and more, Click Here


To visit our INFORMATION merchants  CLICK HERE. 




<-- Priceline offers discounted fares.  It's one of the biggest marketplaces out there.

Site 59 specializes in last-minute travel packages, which include lodging, airfare, and even cars. -->
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Are You In On It

<-- You've seen their TV ads.  Now try their service

Carlson Hotels owns several well known chains.  Most offer internet only bargains.  You can reach the others from here-->