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The Philosophy behind this site
The purpose of this site is to give the best, most complete information available online to those who have an interest in finding out about life in the past.

There is an enormous amount of information on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, too much of it is scattered, incomplete, or obsolete. An astute searcher might eventually find the material assembled here. Or, in about thirty seconds, that information can be presented in a clear, clean package. Happy hunting.

This won't work unless we know what you think is good and bad about the site and the information we provide.  We've provided many opportunities for you to talk to us and to each other.  More than anything, we want to know what you think about our site.

This is a commercial site.  You may have noticed that we do not use banners or plaster our pages with corporate logos, flashing graphics and pop-up windows.  We hope this low key approach will meet with your approval and that you will patronize our affiliates, which is how we hope to make ends meet.

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