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How to use this site
Here are some tips on how to use this site. If you have additional questions, E-Mail Step Into History. We will post your question on the comments page, and may put that information and the response on this page if it seems to apply to many visitors. Let us know if a full-fledged FAQ section is called for.
1 The goal of this site is to let you find information as quickly as possible. You should be able to get substantive, useful information with two clicks.  State pages list all the museum locations for each state with brief summaries of what and where they are. Location pages give details about hours, prices, facilities, and nearby attractions and places to stay and eat.  
2 If you want to know what historic locations are in a state, click on the state name on the home page

State pages list all of the places we have found in a state, their addresses, phone numbers, a brief description of each, and some general location information about each.

State pages also have a link to a pop-up map, which displays the major cities in the state and numbers corresponding to each historic location.

3 If you know the name of the location you want to go, there are three ways to find out about it.
The easiest is to click on the state, then click on the name of the location at the top of the page.

Or, you can use the search function to find the the location and then click on the most accurate response to your query.

Or, you can go to the site index page and look for the name there.

4 On the location pages, the colors in the Months boxes should be familiar: Red means STOP, don't go, because it is closed at that time. Green means it is open, so GO.  A Yellow box means CAUTION, the location is open only part of the month or only a couple of days a week. Review the hours table carefully, or call ahead, or both.

5. There is, as of now, no way to describe your event on our calendar.  If you have more details than the layout allows, e-mail your press release or the details to us, and we'll post it under press releases.

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