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There are more Step Into sites to come.  And we can do more

Step into History is the first of a series of web sites under the Step Into Places, Inc. banner. Each will provide in-depth information about a specific kind of destination or experience. See the descriptions below for a brief explanation of what each site will do.

While preparing the Step Into History Site, it became apparent that there are many places in this country where history is important in the life of local communities. Most of them are not the closed campus of a museum. "Old Towns" will provide information about towns that take their history seriously.

Many historic places are more limited in scope than those featured on this site, and focus on a particular person, family, or even business. "Historic Houses" will focus on house museums, as well as buildings such as factories and mills.
There are more than 7500 telephone listings for museums across the country. (And that doesn't count those listed as parks, tourist attractions, or government branches.) When we've collected  and sorted more of these, well give you a site that will let you know where they are and what is in them.
Science museums, aquariums, zoos, planetariums, and other science-oriented places and activities will be the focus here.

What's fun to do with your kids? You'll be able to find it here.  Zoos, parks, kids museums, theme parks, tours and more.
A departure from our other sites, this will be a place where those who have experience to offer in the form of internships, specialized education programs, docent opportunities, or participation in on-going activities can find those who want to know more
If you would like to contribute information or have questions about one of the sites described above, contact us.  Plans are still being made, and your input could change the contents of a site, or even help us decide which site to activate next.  

In addition, as RAR Information Services, Inc., we can provide you with research and planning services for your site.

1. We specialize in working with site owners to determine what you expect of your web site. 

  • So many sites have been created because "everyone has one."

  •  Why not sit down and figure out what goals your web site is supposed to achieve, how ready you are for the technology and organizational changes that might be required, and create measures to determine how well you are reaching those goals?

  •  Is your existing site doing what it is supposed to?  Do you know what you want it to do?  Are you aware of what a site could do for you? 

  •  Learn how to look for web services, how to talk enough "web" to get your point across, and how to talk to designers and vendors about what YOUR requirements are. 

RAR does not design or implement sites, and has no ties to any specific technology or vendors. The only concern is helping you define and refine your expectations.

2. Need to know about something? Know it's out there somewhere? Don't have the time to find it? RAR can research and report, even teach.

3.  Dead links are the bane of the Internet. How many times have you used a search engine or been on a site that invited you to click to the exact, perfect, site you were looking for, only to see an error message indicating that it just wasn't there anymore? How irritated were you? Link Tender is a service to minimize that irritation for visitors to your site.

  • Using automated software, each link is periodically checked and the reports are analyzed and converted to real English.

  • Each link is also periodically reviewed live to see if the destination site has changed format or emphasis.

  • Reports with recommendations about what action to take (remove, replace, or revise) are prepared regularly.

  • In addition, ongoing research will uncover new links that can enhance your site, either to replace links that have gone dead, add to those already at your site, replace existing links with those better for you, or even generate some income without interfering with the operation of your site.

We're flexible.  Contact us and let's talk about what you want to do.

Step Into Places, Inc.
1954 First St. #210
Highland Park, IL 60035

Copyright 2001, 2002 Step Into Places, Inc. All rights reserved.